OUR STORY (Simply Go Nigerian)

itex Global Furniture Limited, an indigenous furniture manufacturing company with a global outlook  based in Abuja, is strategically positioned to be one of the leading furniture makers in Nigeria with the opportunity to export NIGERIAN MADE goods.

Over the last decade, our organic growth and expansion study reveals that business to business (B2B) opportunities do exist while business to government (B2G) takes prevalence now, our ultimate destination is business to customers (B2C) which characterizes the average consumer pattern as well as define the retail market consumption pattern, and this could be directly related to the general population that is divided across broad income segments. Though the current economic situation does not reflect these facts, however there are potentials that will impact on growth and stability of the industry within the shortest possible time.

Our deep-rooted assets are our extensive knowledge of professionalism and highly diversified quality staff, with core values of culture and work ethics that enables us understand the dynamics of relating with the Nigerian customer. From the Marketing Sales Executive to the Design and Production Team, as well as Quality Control and Delivery Teams that are highly skilled in interwoven responsibilities and contribute to the overall presentation of our products.

Itex Team spirit complies with global best practices in advanced marketing strategy as a result of constant training in the principles of Affordability, Availability, Acceptability and Accessibility. We update our database and are reflective on trends, market demands, consumer’s choice and understanding of the demography that defines the robust market segmentation in the furniture industry.

The utilization of large and growing local raw material base of steel, aluminium, glass, plastics, in addition to plywood, chipboard and various hard and soft woods which complement imported high quality upholstery fabrics like leather suede, and accessories like knobs and handles locks and lock-sets, rollers stands, legs, slides and tracks.

Its operations in the recent past, has ensured its emergence as a leader in the competitive Nigerian furniture industry. Until recently, Abuja has been its primary market focus but has now been expanded to other towns as well as some neighbouring countries.


As a contemporary furniture Company, we believe in harnessing the best of our local resources available in both man power and product materials, which is utilized to the maximum benefits, enhanced by the use of advanced technology and specialised techniques to meet any international standard. This provides us with solutions that increase productivity, improves the quality of finished products and above all stimulates our creative imaginations and concepts. The business model that guides our execution are based on, but not limited to, the following:


Product design and manufacture geared towards total satisfaction of clients’ requirements.

Satisfaction of comfort, ergonomics and Aesthetic requirements.

Product Durability resulting from high quality Control.

Efficient production utilizing the best available materials, accessories and up- to- date technology.

We know that strategy is the act of creating superior performance. At every stage of our deliberation, we evaluate strategies that are adaptable to the Nigerian market mind set, while assessing the customers; we apply the principles of assimilating the complexities of customers’ needs by transmitting the clarity of our products to meet their expectations and invigorating their furniture desire to make their taste our pledge, while we communicate with their space to create an ambience suited for their choice and comfort.

At Itex Global Furniture, we appreciate the importance of creating and emotional link with our customers through our brand leadership products as well as cost-effective products. We therefore intend to marry both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by building products of integrity that can stand the test of time and surpasses our clients’ expectations that are equally affordable with product parity among competitors.
In conclusion, we are known for blending our various brands to suit our clients cost, taste, and style, because of the adaptable robustness of our designs and the ruggedness of our products to meet our clients’ preferences. “I am a mathematician by training, a Carpenter by occupation, and a Management expert by knowledge and experience. I believe in Carpentry because it has sharpened my sense of innovation, creativity, and has given me my fortune, yet I am still eager to learn and contribute positively to the industry in Nigeria.”

I speak from the Desk of the Carpenter, I speak for my Company ITEX and we mean business.